Seminal Drum Set Technique Books

These are technique guides I find to be the cornerstone of rocking the drumset. In their specific way they will increase your dexterity, agility, focus, control and power. They are mostly the original books on their subject matters, and their essential truths persist in to all genres of drum set playing.

Syncopation for the Modern Snare Drummer

Syncopation for the Modern Drummer is one of the few essential classics in drum education

The first book I mention I wish every musician would study, not just drummers. It is called Syncopation for the Modern Drummer. This book will guide you to rhythmic clarity and articulation. It will teach you the art of subdivision, and get you accustomed to playing challenging rhythmic phrases. It is the first book many classically trained percussionists start with. The knowledge in this book translates to every instraument in existence. Rhythmic quality is perhaps the most exacting aspect of contemporary music and this book will help you achieve it.


Stick Control for the Snare Drummer

Stick Control for the Snare Drummer is a seminal work in drumming dexterity.


4-Way Coordination

4-Way Coordination is the ultimate guide that will make you like a ninja. Its exercises may even change your brain in fundemental ways as you develop and strengthen limb independence and coordination.

Stick Control for the Snare Drummeris a seminal work in drumming dexterity. This books is a regiment for a lifetime as well as an introduction for novices. This book will give you the uncanny feeling of advancing your dexterity. It is focused on your hands, which are generally your most dynamic appendages. This books is particularly great if you’re very interested in rudimental drumming. It is not a rudimental book but it will help you develop amazing rolls.


4-Way Coordination is also focused on advancing the musicians coordination. This book features exercises and guides players to use their feet in coordination with their hands, in musical and complicated ways. It is useful for every kind of drummer, and is a seminal, essential work like the others I’ve mentioned here. This book will make you feel like a wizard as your limbs begin to fly in every direction with skill and precision.